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Who Are We?

Welcome to Purple Fig Wellbeing Support Services, it's great to connect with you. ​We are a small business based in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia ​that provides 1:1 mental health support sessions for adults, youth and children. Our ​sessions are for those with a mental health diagnosis as well as those currently ​struggling with their wellbeing. Our services for mental health sessions are where ​we can support you to develop a holistic wellness plan, looking at the multiple ​areas of your life. Our services can also look at exploring available support services ​in community that can empower you to make further choices about your journey.

We also know mental health is important for carers and we aim to provide support ​sessions and workshops that advocate for carers too and offer these in person and ​also online. We also provide monthly community wellbeing workshops designed ​with various themes from self-care, mindfulness, gratitude, youth wellbeing and ​more.

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Get to Know Me

Maria Vaioleti-Ponga JP

Business Owner

Mental Health Worker

School Wellbeing Coordinator

Qualified Teacher

Welcome! My name is Maria and I'm a qualified and fully registered Australian Teacher with a Bachelors ​in Education and hold a nationally accredited qualification in Mental Health. I also hold a current ​accreditation as a Youth Mental Health First Aider under Mental Health First Aid® Australia and am a ​Justice of the Peace in Western Australia.

As a mental health advocate and provider with lived experience, I am passionate about empowering ​people with information that supports real choices and increases autonomy around their mental health ​and wellbeing journey, for individuals and for carers.

My hope and aim is to grow the holistic understanding of mental health and wellbeing within ​community and provide one to one individualized mental health support, whilst using evidence-based ​information and strategies that support wellness.

What We Can Do for You

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Wellness Recovery Action Planning

Our sessions include developing a wellness recovery ​action plan, a toolbox of supports where you make ​decisions on how you take care of yourself or keep ​yourself safe as you are empowered to make choice ​and can we can review this along your journey.

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Ongoing Personalized Support Meetings

We offer personalized support meetings and talk ​about the supports, services and information you will ​need to strengthen your journey. This can include ​holistic supports and choices around areas that are ​important to you (spiritual/cultural, emotional, social, ​cognitive and physical supports) and is unique and ​personalized.

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Collaborating with Other Supports and Services

By being connected and collaboratively engaged with ​supports and services, we work to engage an effective ​and integrated approach for you. This is reviewed to ​ensure supports and services are beneficial in ​supporting your wellness and wellbeing journey.

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Wellness Workshops

You might also like to attend one of our wellness ​workshops each month, with relevant mental health ​and wellness information. This is a separate service, ​however it is full of evidence based information and ​approaches that can be incorporated into your ​everyday routine.

My Experience and Expertise

Montessori Wellbeing Coordinator I Qualified Primary Teacher I Academic University Supervisor

I have over 10 years of teaching experience within the education system both locally and internationally, in both mainstream education and ​specialist teaching sectors and hold a Bachelor of Education (Primary). My holistic approach to education has allowed me to journey and ​build valuable relationships with parents and children over the years, and explore a variety of ways to increase wellbeing. I also hold a current ​accreditation as a Youth Mental Health First Aider under Mental Health First Aid® Australia and am currently the Wellbeing Coordinator for ​The Montessori School, Kingsley and work alongside students in this role one day per week.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshop Speaker I Educator

As an advocate for mental health and wellbeing, I really enjoy my role in educating and facilitating workshops in community as an educator ​for the W.A Recovery College Courses here in Perth. My monthly presentations for the Purple Space Women’s Support Group are inclusive ​of evidence-based research. I also hold a nationally recognised Certificate IV in Mental Health and have completed an international training ​course as a Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Practitioner.

Spiritual & Cultural Wellbeing Support

I enjoy practicing current contemplative practices that are faith-based in my spirituality, as a positive strategy that can be utilised in the ​ongoing journey of wellness. This can look different for individuals, and culture can impact how we use these positive coping strategies ​which can underpin emotional wellbeing. I continue to improve my own practice with gratitude, contemplation and prayer.

Our Services - face to face/ phone/online

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Individual 1:1 Mental Health

Short Session - 30 minutes

Individual Mental Health Support ​Sessions with a range of strategies to ​support your current wellbeing.

- $50.00 per 30 minute session

Individual 1:1 Mental Health

Longer Session - 1 hour

Individual Mental Health Support ​Sessions Adults (inclusive of ​personalised wellness goals and plans, ​coaching to increase personal capacity ​including motivation, strengths, ​resilience and decision-making skills)

- $75.00 per hourly session

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Monthly Workshops

Community Wellbeing Workshops eg; self-care, ​mindfulness, holistic mental health - Follow us on ​social media for up coming dates, times and ​venues.

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Our Purple Space Women's Support Group


Women’s Wellbeing Peer Support Group

The Purple Space Women's Support Group, is for women ​who have experienced personal challenges with their ​mental health and wellbeing due to life transitions, ​struggles or increased life stress. The Purple Space aims ​to create a safe space for sharing and connection ​amongst women.

Why is it called the Purple Space? Purple signifies ​wisdom, so this is a space to share peer experiences and ​to be supported together.

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October -

November -

Women’s Wellbeing Peer Support Group Workshops

- Social Chat,115 Collective, Merriwa

- Social Chat,115 Collective, Merriwa

- Social Chat,115 Collective, Merriwa

- Online Support Group

- The Importance of Mindfulness, Alkimos

- Guest Speaker: Here to Hear Australia


- Your Emotional Well-being, Alkimos

- WA Recovery College: Vision Boarding

- Guest Speaker: Paris: Aussie Podcaster


*bookings open soon

*bookings open soon

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purple space womens support group

MEMBER feedback


Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star

· The time to focus on ourselves and interacting with others – L.K

· Today was wonderful, I enjoyed this morning and there was lots ​of good information in a very relaxed setting. I recommend this ​workshop to my friends and family. I will leave here this morning ​feeling better about myself than when I first arrived – C.S

· The craft was fun and talking with others. Anything is possible, ​we make the boundaries - A. N

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Our Online Webinars

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Our online webinars offer you the opportunity to hear ​up to date and evidence-based information and can be ​accessed by those who live in remote areas, lack ​transportation, have a busy schedule, or feel ​stigmatized about seeking mental health services in ​person.

Webinars can be accessed from anywhere with an ​internet connection, making it easier for people to seek ​help.

Some of our previous webinars have included, beginners ​mindfulness, choosing gratitude and mindfulness for ​educators, spiritual activations - follow us on social m​edia for up coming dates and times.

Student Watching Webinar Online

spiritual webinar


prophetic workshop sessions


Solid Star
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Solid Star
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“My first time doing this kind of thing live online with like ​minded people, just looking to grow in the prophetic, was so ​encouraging to participate and also get words from others and ​also give them. It felt like a very safe space...” - Cheryl

“It is a safe place to grow practically in the prophetic that will ​encourage you to want more” - Leanne

Excellent course . For me it was the growing in the practical ​that I needed as have done a number of courses before but the ​opportunity to grow in practicing was very important to me” - ​Leonie

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What Our Clients Say

I enjoyed having the time to check ​in with my emotions and liked the ​scoring of 0 - 10 when checking in.

Mindfulness Workshop ​(Alkimos) - Wendy

Thank you so much it was a ​positive experience and a great ​tool kit to have, especially the ​domains of wellbeing.

Steps to Wellness: Session 1


(Clarkson) - Kim

I enjoyed the camaraderie, the ​lovely ideas and awakening to ​other options to deal with stress.

Steps to Wellness: Session 2


(Clarkson) - Barbara

I loved the creative aspects of the ​workshop and information ​provided was informative on the ​importance of gratitude journaling. ​

Kickstarter Fund Project: ​Menta​l Health and Well-bei​ng

(Alkimos) - Paris

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Young Women Reading Online

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client testimonial


Solid Star
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Solid Star
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Maria has transformed my life over the last few ​months. Having battled with my mind and wellbeing ​for such a long time, I can now identify what triggers ​my emotions and use her strategies to ​reduce/eliminate my anxiety and stress. I now feel ​more confident and calm in my day to day life. Maria ​is a genuine, caring lady and definitely worth every ​cent and every second you spend with her.

Thank you Maria

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If you are interested in booking a ​session and are interested in the ​services we provide, then take ​time to look through the ​appointment times to find a date ​and session that suits you.

Book ahead with the times that ​suit you!

We can’t wait to meet you!

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